St. George to Salt Lake

Day Three: July 1, 2019

Today was our easy drive, St. George to Salt Lake.  I enjoy this leg very much.  We rise out of the sandstone cliffs and desert landscapes into evergreen and pine foothills as we approach the Wasatch Range.  We race past Cedar City, near the site of the notorious Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857.  We pulled off at Parowan, a tiny and neatly buttoned up LDS community of a couple of thousand (population hovering right around 3000).  Big wide streets where you just want to drive slow, stately 19th century banks and business blocks, lots of swing sets in backyards, tiny retail outfits advertised in the front windows of small houses.  “I could live here,” John said.  My country boy.  “Could you?” he asked.  “Well, if the wi-fi was really good, and if I could have a big dog, and if I could go to Salt Lake once a month or so….maybe.”  “Would Mom like it here?”  “Um, no.”

Made Salt Lake early afternoon.  We love this city.  Booming, by all indications.  We raced up to the superb Natural History Museum that looks out over the entire Salt Lake Valley from up by the university.  The museum is beautiful, the displays sensitive and smart, and we always enjoy the gem and mineral displays.  Dinner at the famed Red Iguana, which did not disappoint, then a swim, then a climbing session at The Front, the standard against which all climbing gyms ought to be measured.

Blue Planet on Netflix at night, and now we are making plans to head north, into Idaho and the Oregon Trail country, and climb up towards Wyoming and the Tetons.


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